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Focus: 10 reasons to go to Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for those who do not like the cold. Many people prefer to fly there not for a week or two, but to stay for the whole winter. The air temperature not only allows you to bask in the sun (+30°C) but also enjoy the Andaman or South China Sea (+29°C). 1. LocalsThailand owns its ...


Focus: 5 most exciting things to do in France

A country known for its fashion, culture, food and literature, France is extraordinarily beautiful. From the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, its landscape is quite diverse and vast. While you are in the country, drop by one of those Parisian cafes and enjoy coffee with a croissant. Or simply book ...


Focus: The Last Game

The final countdown of the North Pole’s life will begin with a Hockey Game in April 2019, aimed to draw the attention of world leaders to the issue of global warming in the Arctic region. It’s not a secret that the Arctic region has one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. The ...